Nice to Meet You!

Hi!  I'm Leigh, creator of Ivy Adams Collection.  IAC was founded as a tee shirt company after I decided I didn't want huge band graphics or plain tee shirts as my only options.  After hand-sketching fun, kitschy logos and sayings as well as tiny images for all-over block printing, a graphics designer was hired, and the ball officially rolling.  None of the blank tee shirts available at the time for screen-printing satisfied me in terms of quality soft, drapey, lightweight fabric and then the "money" fit, which is a simple slightly oversized fit that skims the body.  So I designed my own pattern.  After multiple samples and sewers, the okay was given for bulk production of the "Perfect Tees."  Just launched in May 2021, I guarantee the "Perfect Tee" was worth the year it took to develop.  You are going to love it.

While I waited on product to be developed and manufactured, I began designing and producing jewelry as a creative outlet and to add to the new IAC website.  Jewelry design and curation quickly became a passion of mine.  IAC now offers vintage jewelry, in-studio jewelry, & fair-trade handbags.  

I hope you continue to visit and watch the "Perfect Tee" collection grow.  Also check out the vast array of unique accessories to go with the tees.  Add a skirt or jeans (or leggings if you're like me!) and you are ready to conquer the world

Thanks for being a part of the world of Ivy.  Follow us on Instagram & Facebook for insiders' deals!


Leigh, IAC