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"Accessories are a Mood"

by the @Lelelemon

Hello fellow fashion maniacs! It's Leigh, designer for Ivy Adams Collection LLC. I guess it's no surprise to remind you exactly how much I. LOVE. JEWELRY. (And other accessories too, although maybe to a lesser extent.) I have been obsessed since the beginning of time. My oldest daughter once told me, "Mom, I think you have the most earrings out of anyone in all of Oklahoma." I honestly fear this might be true. New York...Texas...probably not, but maybe Oklahoma! That's okay, like the popular internet audio byte says, "This is an addiction that doesn't hurt anybody." Hahaha.

She also realized how weird it is, when you really think about it, that we humans wear this random stuff dangling from our ears. Deep thinker she is. Yep, she's TOTALLY mine. And she's absolutely right! It's really, really weird on a fundamental level. So whyyyyy?

That's obviously a very personal question. I know why I do. And people, well, we are more similar to one another than we realize. So perhaps my reasons will resonate. I do it for me, for my self-care, to express myself, to feel more like myself, to help remember part of my life story after the story has already happened. It's personal, but made kind of public via accessory display. By doing so we are remembering and reinforcing who we are, where we have been, and simultaneously telling others about it too! How stinking cool is that?!

Jewelry really is a physical extension and display of our own inner story. As a designer, when I create, I am telling part of my life story through my creation. And the best part is knowing that I connected somehow to another person when they make a purchase. It blows my mind. And gives me complete joy. That is why you might experience "a party in a box" when you order IAC. I want YOU to feel that joy. IYKYK!

Sometimes people are lost when it comes to accessories. I've been asked to help people shop many times. Other than trying to match a certain outfit for a certain occasion, I encourage people above all things to examine their emotional reactions when they shop.

I ask them, "How does it make you feel? Was there something that pulled at your heart?" If so, no matter the size or any other detail about it, THAT is the right piece! Listening to your heart is what will help develop personal sense of style. Suddenly, your inner self and life story will collide for all the outside world to see and enjoy. And you will be feeling yourself! Hahaha...but seriously!

Over at, there is a brand new, exclusive, kinda-big-deal, fair-trade partner collection that just dropped.

The pieces come from a company founded by twin sisters whose entire agenda was to encapsulate the mood of being on vacation. What a story to tell in earrings and accessories! Just thinking about it now activates all my arrector pili muscles. Translation, gives me chills, haha! (Total science nerd here.) What a mood to remember and tap back into on the daily. We ALL have a story to tell.

The best form of self care is when we embody our authentic self. And stepping into our true sense of style on the daily, via accessories, can be one great tangible way to accomplish that. Check out ALL the new vacay-inspired pieces right here via these links below. I hope something resonates with "your story!" XO, Leigh

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