Everyone is Creative!

by @thelelelemon

Hey everyone! I don't know about you, but it's been a really challenging 2 years. From watching the world come to a complete halt, to experiencing major business woes, I feel like I've seen and felt it ALL. I will say that throughout all the turbulent times, being able to exercise my creativity muscle has certainly helped me pull through. And it's a lot cheaper than therapy! Ha! And you might even be able to make some CASH off of it, like I do with Ivy Adams Collection!

There have been a few people tell me, "I wish I were creative like you." My response is always, "You ARE!" Everyone is creative.

And if they don't think so, which is often a side effect of being an adult in the real world, they just haven't tried wearing their proverbial "rose-colored" creative glasses. There are many everyday opportunities to create. Some of them are productive, like filling in a weekly planner, and others are more silly, like posting a funny photo on social media. Try something mundane in a different way. With the planner, make your to-do checklist form a circle instead of a traditional up-down list. Inside the circle, write a favorite quote or inspiring your favorite color. Maybe doodle something that makes you smile right next to it.

It's crazy how little stuff just adds a zest to life. Serve your spouse some coffee in a measuring cup, with a couple chocolate chips in a teaspoon and watch their reaction!

Creativity is thinking outside the box and trying different ways to do boring things. Don't be scared to make an epic fail. A fail is a good opportunity to laugh and learn. Maybe instead of "Live, Laugh, Love" it should be "Create, Fail, Laugh."

I have been a performing songwriter. And I have actually laughed myself off a stage before. That was one of my most defining and epic, awesome moments. I am not scared of failing or looking like a fool. I'm more scared of not creating, wholly being myself, and not putting myself out there in some way. We all have a voice. Creativity is an awesome way to use it!

You don't have to be a painter, a musician, or a professional jewelry artist to be creative. Here I decided I wanted to do something with some of my kids' not-so-great artwork versus trash it.

So I cut it up into little squares and made earring storage cards for my jewelry vanity. It was so much fun. And I get to see all their bright scribbles when I put on my earrings in the morning. Things like that just help jumpstart positive vibes.

Try some quirky things next time you cook a meal, make a social media post, fill in your calendar, organize your closet, get dressed in the morning, fold the family towels, "plate" a meal. Having a sense of humor is the ultimate

form of creativity. And it makes everyone feel good. Give it a try. You don't have to be "good" at it. I have drown myself in tears of laughter so many times due to an epic fails. It's seriously the best. Leave me a comment about creativity. I'm so curious!!!



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