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"Fair Trade, Sustainable, & Fabulous"

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

by @thelelelemon

Hi Ivy Adams Crew! First, I want to say THANK YOU for being here. I appreciate each and every one of you. If you are new reading this, WELCOME! Let's talk sustainable fashion!

*Fair-Trade, handmade silk velvet crossbody, click photo for link

Do you love fashion as much as I do? I'm placing my bet on "YES!" I mean...the colors, the textures, the self-expression. Ahhhhhh!!! In my book, fashion is another form of art. I mean, what is more fun than being a walking piece of art? Rachel Zoe said that fashion is letting people know who you are without saying a word. Okay, that quote always gives me the chills. Yes, I'm a fashion nerd.

Because of this, and my enneagram Type 7 personality, I want it all! When the seasons change, my color palette changes. My mood changes. My vibe. Out with the old and in with the new. But WAIT! Isn't that bad for the environment?! Yes. It is. What is an "artist fashionista" to do? Join the trendy movement of buying vintage, upcycled, & "slow." Also buying locally helps. The great thing is that with technology being so in-reach for so many, we have seen an explosion of small businesses that offer unique, highly-fashionable, environmentally friendly options. *Ivy Adams Collection raises hand.*

La Boheme Earrings use locally-sourced upcycled Vintage Swarovski chain.

*click on photo for link

Ethical fashion is a huge topic. It is multi-faceted. And tough to pull off perfectly. If you care about people being paid fair wages and receiving ethical treatment, the state of the environment, and the growth of your own local economy, ethical fashion might be something to give a whirl! I am far from perfect at this, as both a business owner and as an individual fashionista. So I'll offer you my advice. Just do your best! Don't set yourself up for failure with an all-or-nothing approach. Slowly incorporate fair-trade, handmade, local, small, and intentional purchases into your routine buying. Small actions make a difference! For example, in the Arch Collection pictured above, some of the chains are new and mass manufactured. But many of the chains are salvaged and upcycled. That just makes me feel good. Like I did SOMETHING. Also, these pieces are not $5. They are a little more, to fairly compensate for time in designing, procuring materials, creating, and marketing them. Keep them for a few years. They are not throw-away. This is what we call "slow" fashion. Investing in pieces that you truly love and that mean something. You will want to hang onto them for longer!

Buying used is trendy right now. I'm a HUGE fan! While shopping local thrift stores is most environmentally-friendly (due to the save on packaging and shipping), my favorite thrifted place is This Michael Stars shine tee in the photo above is a "Posh" purchase. I couldn't love it more if it were from my favorite brick and mortar. was less expensive. I'll re-sell it when I'm done with it. HAND-OFF! While I do buy new as well, it doesn't hurt to incorporate some thrifted items into the wardrobe. Another added bonus is gaining a unique wardrobe!

We discussed being intentional and more long-term with purchases, buying handmade and local, up cycling, and thrifting or buying used as ways to participate in ethical and sustainable fashion. These fair-trade hoops are offered from a market partner in Vietnam. The artisans are paid fairly for their skill and work in ethical conditions. Not all Ivy Adams Collection jewelry is fair trade, but an effort is made to bring these type of pieces into the shop regularly! Progress over perfection. That's my mantra.

I hope to have hit on a few helpful points to help us become more environmentally, ethically, and sustainably FABULOUS! There are so many accessible options out there today. And it's so fun to discover them. I have a wardrobe more varied than a box of chocolates (LOL...I recently watched "Forrest Gump") that is "feel good" as well. Cheers to FEELING GOOD!


Leigh, Ivy Adams Collection

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