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The Ultimate Date Night

by @thelelelemon

Hi everybody, it's Leigh! I know it's a little premature, but I'm so excited for MY favorite holiday of the year...Valentine's Day! When it's a favorite holiday, one feels compelled to get on it early. Why Valentine's Day? Well...hearts, joy, romance, little cards, CANDY, glitter, glamour, and best of all...FANCY DATE NIGHT!

I used to do fancy nights out ALL THE TIME, but since I've gotten older, and am happily "Married with Children" (LOL), I've found myself preferring to stay home and cook some amazing food in a my newly renovated kitchen instead. We've become quite skilled in the kitchen, enjoy creating culinary delights with a glass of wine in hand. And because of that, we have felt it difficult and tiring to be motivated to go elsewhere. BUTTTT, Valentine's Day Eve is not the night to rest in my comfort zone! It is all-out glam, good food, fancy cocktails, and a moment to remember the exciting romance that was once 24/7, undistracted in the air, and also an opportunity to celebrate the connection that has only grown deeper with time. Loren Hope Cupid's Heart Earrings

Until it closed, we ALWAYS scheduled the chef's 5 course avant garde dinner at the OKC Museum of Art Cafe. It was INCREDIBLE and so much fun! I absolutely adored the elegant lady who was the hostess each year. She was graceful and always injected some wildly creative accessory into her ensemble. I lived for it! Her memory still inspires me to this day! Sadly, the restaurant went out of business during Covid-19. It is now under new ownership, more a true cafe concept, with some fun Jonathan Adler furniture...mimicking all the JA items available in the gift shop! I'm a huge fan. They have not served dinner at this "new" restaurant though.

While I'm hoping the OKCMOA rolls out something fancy we can book for this year's Valentine's, I'm definitely on the lookout for other options as MAMA isn't staying home this year (unlike last year due to the virus). I thrifted the most INCREDIBLE vintage 90s Betsy Johnson (similar here) slip dress on Poshmark that gives me all the feels for a past era in my life. (for fun vintage searching)

I'm going TOTALLY 90s! But this time around I'll be wearing a Free People Lace Lady Lux layering top in black underneath (see photo gallery below) to make it a bit more winter appropriate. Shoes will either be my favorite heels of all time, the Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Heels (code NEWYEAR25) (which hurt like hell but are hotter than hell) or maybe my high-heeled black Doc Marten boots (only if its ridiculously cold will it be this option). Jewels in the past have always been from Loren Hope. But this year I am going 100% Ivy Adams Collection. I mean, when you own a jewelry company, what else is expected?! Think vintage rhinestones, just like in the necklaces, bracelets, anything rhinestone chain! I even have an old rhinestone tennis bracelet from 1992 my grandmother gifted me for a dance! Talk about AUTHENTIC!!!

Valentine's Day just gives me all the feels. I'll never forget cutting out little stock paper hearts in elementary school, sprinkling glitter on all my Elmer's Glue outlines, and hoping my teacher would give me an extra pack of Smarties! In junior high, I hoped I'd get a secret letter from an admirer. In high school, I once received an IN-CLASS flower delivery from my boyfriend (which was THE BEST EVER).

Now I look forward to celebrating with my forever love. Funny thing is, I'm the least huggie, touchie-feelie, lovie person ever, which goes to show you never truly know about people. Who knew I'm the one who is all about L-O-V-E?!?!?! Have you started making your plans...for a special date, evening in, an awesome Galentine's, or even a Self-Care Valentine's? Don't let the opportunity to celebrate love and joy...and pink and red hearts, slip away!



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