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"We Don't Sweat, We SPARKLE!!!"

by @thelelelemon

That's right! Or at least that's what I tell myself. I've been outdoorsy and athletic my entire life. Most who have only known me in the past few years probably would assume I'm more prissy than "get down and dirty." This might have a thing or two to do with the fact I always wear some sort of SPARKLE! But there is a whole other off-camera Leigh. "Off-duty" is what I call it. And it resembles NOTHING to the "off-duty" look models execute. It's more like, "She's just finished a 5k, or yard work, or something dirty" look.

Lady wearing earrings at the gym
Stud Earrings at the Gym STUD EARRINGS TIGHTS

I was raised on land in Northwest Oklahoma. My dad is a farmer. So we had hay bales to run, a canyon or two to explore, a barn (with I won't tell you how many cats inside...okay, 27! I'M A CRAZY CAT LADY), a trampoline, and even a 4-wheeler! My mom preferred that kids, "GO OUTSIDE!" We liked it that way too. This eventually landed us an actual, real POOL!

My Hometown: Running Haybales & Endless Land Never Gets Old VEST UPF SHIRT HAT

We were sweaty...all the time. From being seriously involved in high school basketball and track to doing all kinds of HIIT training, running, and weightlifting in my late 20's to now, in my (let's not disclose my age lol), I'm that special kind of sweaty at least once every single day. I might be the most sweaty woman alive! It doesn't gross me out. It feels quite normal, almost my happy place to be honest. Ha! The only difference is that today, I might run into some friends in the neighborhood during a long run. Or I might towel off, change my shirt, and hit up an errand or 2 in my city. I used to HOPE and pray that I wouldn't run into anyone I knew in my off-duty "Joe Dirt" mode!

State Track Meet, BJL (Before Jewelry Leigh)

That has all changed. I have since discovered the beauty of the baseball hat, lipstick, and STUD EARRINGS! It just makes a person look put together. Historically I have been a statement girl. There's nothing that makes me feel more amazing than a huge pair of unique BOSS earrings! That's my comfort zone. Or even an AMAZING crystal necklace (check out this STUNNER with a band tee. Delicate jewelry is, really, kind of a new discovery for me. And I've figured out how I like to use it...for my "off-duty-sweaty-Leigh" look. That tiny bit of sparkle has a HUGE payoff in casual situations. So if you are a statement girl like me, and a busy, sweaty girl on the go as well, give a pair of stud earrings a try! In fact, I'm in the process of curating a little collection of studs for Ivy Adams Collection. In the meantime, check out some of what's currently on the website.

Lady wears Chloe & Isabel Stud Earrings and a tee shirt
Perfect Dainty Jewelry for a 5 Mile Run

So wipe that sweat off your brow, give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work, and sparkle a bit while you are at it like the boss babe you know you are!!!! VEST SUNNIES


Leigh, Ivy Adams Collection

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